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Welcome to Fromex’s True Black & White Printing


Fromex True Black & White is proud to offer true black and white digital prints processed on a dedicated B&W Fuji Frontier laser digital printer. Your digital images will be printed on professional grade Ilford Express Digital black & white paper and processed in true black & white chemistry. These prints are not printed on color paper and are not inkjet prints, these are true silver gelatin Black & White photographs. Click here for more information.


At Fromex our aim is for everyone to enjoy the finest quality black and white prints on real silver gelatin photographic paper. There is a huge difference between printing on genuine black and white paper and prints made by other methods, yet in most cases customers are never told how their black and white images are printed.


We are able to print from both film or digital files, so however you prefer to shoot your black and white we can provide true black and white prints with a consistent and neutral image tone that will last a lifetime. We offer 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 10x15 and various other custom sizes of prints in either glossy or pearl finish. Our lab is located in Long Beach, California for walk-in business anytime; or we can ship to you worldwide.


We guarantee our work. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, just return the order and we will reprint it or refund your money. No questions and no excuses!


 For B&W digital photographers:

Just click on the "UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOS" button to go to our Black & White online ordering instruction page to upload your images direct to our servers. It's fast and easy. Most orders are ready for pick-up or shipped from our lab within 24 hours. (If you want to order color prints along with your B&W prints, click here to go to our Fromex Photo & Digital online X-Wire order page).





 For B&W film photographers:

Ship your film to us for FREE! Our B&W film processing mail order service is fast and simple, just click on the "PROCESS YOUR FILM" button for order forms, mailing label, and mailing instructions. Most orders are ready for pick-up or shipped from our lab within 24 hours. (If you want to send color print or slide film along with your B&W film, click here to go to our Fromex Photo & Digital mail order page).



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